Prompt: The Dirty Sexy Secret of….


Something that can be both dirty and sexy. So what is the secret to sex?

Sex with someone new
– When is a “good” time to sleep with someone new?
Sex with a lifetime partner 
– Trying something new
– What do you do if your sex life gets boring?
Adult Toys
Getting tested
    – How often should you get tested?
Sexting/online sex
– The difference between sex in porn and sex in real life
– How do you feel about watching it?

Wasted Space

What is Wasted Space? And why is it all over this fucking page? It’s a phrase that’s been coined since my high school days.

I am Wasted Space. Think, that song “Perfect” by Simple Plan. I hate that song. But it’s the only song that is pretty close to describing what it is. It’s almost like…feeling like you don’t belong. That you’re not good enough. The black sheep of the family. The outcast. This is Wasted Space.

Now, before this turns into a “depressed” post, I’ll tell you that it isn’t. Not to get too into it, but I suffer from depression. No big deal. So do 8 million other people. Depression is not Wasted Space. This will never be a “can’t wait to kill myself” blog. I don’t care and neither do you.

Just to go back to where Wasted Space started, I had a really shitty childhood and will refer to it from time to time because that’s just what people do. I know, right? If the past keeps calling, let it go to voicemail, it has nothing new to say. But guess what. The past is what made me into the amazing, fantastic person I am today.

Just to warn you, I think of my life as a tv show. A really shitty reality tv show that some bum ass tv station turns in at 2am when all the crack heads and drunk people come home and watch because they can’t sleep, nd will refer to it as such when need be. So, let’s move on to the characters of this shitty tv show.


So this is me. Carli.

I decided to start this page as a ….erm, self reflection/evaluation site where I can share my thoughts and feelings. The good and the bad. The ugly and sad. It may even start as the building blocks to my autobiography titled “wasted space and dick stuff”, hence the title of this page. But I decided to change the word “dick” to “other” to make it family friendly, something I will not do when the book comes out, haha.

I just like to see my thinkings physically, whether on paper or online. By no means am I a writer, nor claim to be one. Just a random girl on a random island with random thoughts. Don’t care too much about who sees this, cause 1. I don’t pay your bills. And 2. You don’t pay my bills. So either of us can do what we want and don’t give two shits about it. So enjoy the reads, or don’t. It’s completely up to you.

Anyway, that’s it, pancit!